To celebrate 40 years of Monty Python next year, i have helped put together a website along with my Cleese pals from the Official John Cleese Site. I must add – it was all me, i put together the layout, the pictures, i even had to go through the trouble of sorting out who’s who when it came down to putting down Admin’s etc…sometimes i wonder why i agreed to make such a site. But it was fun.

So visit it.

Because we’re all great on there.

And just remember to send all praises about how good looking the website is to me…because did i mention that i made it?

and seeing as i like to keep going on about it – here is the link to John Cleese’s Twitter account.


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Welldone Rebecca Adlington *Applauds*

My hometown of Mansfield is celebrating tonight as the Olympics gold medals winner Rebecca Adlington returns home from Beijing. Welldone Rebecca! Watch out 2012!

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I must admit to have never even heard of this website until a few weeks ago when i saw the link to John Cleese’s TWITTER account on his official website. So i did the obvious and created my own TWITTER account…it is bizarre and i don’t really see what all of the fuss is about with it…it is just the equivalent of texting, minus the numbers. I must admit though, now i have a few followers of my own, i do tend to update it (you have to basically just alert your followers on what you’re doing) and talk to a few people directly on there…i even spoke to the mighty Cleese the other day so it’s good for some things!

If anyones interested in adding me then just search for Lozzykinz on there and you should find me…i’m the one with the dodgy photo of myself.

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Moving On

What a morning. Wake up to a letter from Cleveland College – telling me when to re-enroll…had to ring them up and tell them i am not going back…after a million questions (why? oooooo you live a long way away don’t you? ooooo what’s your favourite colour? oooo i like those) they finally crossed me off the list. Then i have to phone the Landlord to who’s flat i should be renting out come September to tell him i wont be moving in…he sounded dissapointed…i guess he has every right to be. Then i get an email from the people in charge of bursarys, and ever since i applied for one i have had the feeling i wouldn’t be aloud one for some silly thing, like i’m over 3 years old or something, but they have accepted me into claiming one so that’s some good news!

   This morning has made me realise that i have dumped the past…now i’m moving on…hopefully onwards and upwards.

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The New Season Begins (soon)

I am getting excited about the start of the new football season…ironically enough, Tottenham’s first match is away to Middlesbrough – the place i lived at for 1 year whilst studying…not been back long..but that doesn’t matter now. Anyway, i am hoping we can give the Teessider’s a good thrashing! I shall predict 2-0 to Spurs!

I am predicting Bentley to score one…maybe from a freekick (just like the 5-0 thrashing of Roma on Sunday) and possibly Bent. I personally think Berbatov will be gone soon…but i think it’s for the best, the guy clearly doesnt want to be there. But will he live to regret it??? Like one man who i think will : Mr Robbie Keane.

Having watched Liverpool’s Champions League match lastnight, i am very happy to report that Robbie Keane played very poor and it looks like it was good money well invested 🙂 His first touch was terrible and the way Liverpool moved was just so…well, boring! He left fast paced football for that…oh, did i also mention that he got subbed? He didn’t look impressed but i think it’s something he’s going to have to get used to.

Which now brings my attention to strikers we need at Spurs…at the moment we only have Bent..(lets just say Berbatov’s gone) so who do we bring in??? I think Arshavin is about the only best option we have right now…i don’t think we could sign Villa because he clearly doesnt want to play in the Premiership. I guess we will just have to watch this space.

Jose Mourinho claims that Spurs have a good chance of finishing above Arsenal this season – did i ever tell you how much i loved Mourinho?

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Don’t you just hate those slobby, smelly, cap wearing scruffs who hang around at the local shop or pub hurling abuse at passers by. About ten years ago i had never even heard of the word ‘chav’ but just recently it has become a worldwide hit of a word.

The reason i bring this to your attention, is because i was walking down a street in town yesterday and a young chavvy child was with his chavvy mother sat outside a pub, and the child shouted in my direction ‘eugh look at that it’s right ugly!’ as i carried on walking i turned around to look at them (i’m nosey like that) and i heard his mother say to him ‘what the fuck does she think she’s looking at?’ hmmm…and that is what our country is turning into. Chavvy mothers who drink, smoke and swear in front of their children.

If it was up to me, they would all be *£%%*%* (word is too offensive to print) 

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Unanswered Questions/Thoughts

I can’t help but notice that i’ve been going ‘video mad’ these past few entries of mine so i am going to quit with the vid’s for a while and ramble on about something much more conveniant – life!

So, where do i begin??? What happens to us when we die? Do we really go to that place in the sky and live a second life? I think that when we die, our spirit goes up to heaven, but i don’t think we would be able to actually see, as we wont have eyes once we have died as we will just be a spirit, we wont even be able to walk…we will float, we will just be like a foggy mist. If there were just normal looking people in heaven who could walk, talk and see, i think heaven would be a very crowded place. I guess nobody has come back to tell me yet what really happens after death.

Another thing i like to think about is, are there living creatures on other planets? Scientists like to believe that there is…but if there is, what were THEY put on THEIR planet for? We don’t even know why we were put on our planet…probably to go to university and get in lots of debt. I find it quite fascinating to think that there could be aliens on another planet, who probably talk about us in the same way as we talk about them, and they do their daily jobs like go to work and raise a family etc…maybe theyre just exactly the same as us in terms of how they live their lives…

Has someone really been to the moon? There are rumours that Neil Armstrong didnt really land on the moon..i’d like to know how they got cameras up there in the first place…or did he have one on his helmet or something? I always imagine the impact in space to be so strong that it wouldnt even hold a rocket.

I wonder why we have to have that 8 hours sleep to be fully awake the next day? Maybe in the future there will be some kind of energy drink that actually works so we dont have to go to sleep…just think all of the things we could be missing out on whilst we’re asleep though…terrible!

I guess last but not least…why is George Bush an idiot?

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Why Do American’s Change Everything??

This is a video from John Cleese, which to me hits the nail right on the head when it comes to American’s stealing everything from us, just to then totally change its meaning all together. Just why do American’s call our football soccer??? Are they too lazy to say football??? But then again, they don’t even play football with their feet do they so why not call it handball???

I think this is a touchy subject for the Americans having just looked at the comments left under this video on YouTube…i think i saw a comment that said ‘why does the name matter so much? Fuck you Europeans!’ Touchy touchy

If anyone can explain the rules of American ‘Football’ to me then i will die slightly more ‘intelligent’ than i already am…

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Nintendo’s Big Band

Being a Nintendo fan i became somewhat emotional when i saw this video. It’s brillaintly put together and shows such determination.

   It reminds me of being young, sat on the SNES playing Mystic Quest whilst Aerosmith’s Jennie’s Got A Gun blasted out of the CD player, playing the NES at 5years old, the only member of my household who managed to do the long jump successfully on Track And Field, and my mum completing GunSmoke in a night…

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If Cadbury Merged With Nestle

So obsurd!!!! But funny all the same…which one would you choose??? I’m a bit of a GayBar myself.

Speaking of chocolate, does anyone find them much, much, smaller than they used to be?? But yet we are paying more money for them. Disgraceful.

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